Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, Invests in Africa's Own Solutions

Jacqueline Novogratz is the founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, a non-profit organization that tries to solve global poverty issues by taking a business approach. In the following video, she explains some of her career-long methods and experiences with Africa and how she invests in Africa's own solutions to its challenges. The video is very informative. Enjoy and please leave feedback.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

One of the major challenges facing some developing nations today, is the natural resources curse. This curse is particularly evident in Africa, where the reputations of oil and diamonds are notorious for the corruption and bloodshed they have brought about. Enjoy the video below by EITI.

EITI - Making resources work for people from EITI International on Vimeo.

When the private sector invests in the extraction of natural resources, and pays off government officials for the rights to do so, public servants become preoccupied with the interests of their private sector partners rather than the would be taxpayers.

The first step to overcoming this issue begins with transparency: allowing open access to information concerning resources being extracted and payments being made to governments in resource-rich countries. EITI, an organization bringing together companies, governments, and the global community, is taking up such effort. I would like to thank my brother Bady Balde for sharing this video.

Courtesy of Dr. Philip Auerswald, Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University for sharing through twitter, here is the download link for an article by Transparency International founder Peter Eigen, featured in the Spring 2008 edition (Vol. 3, Issue 2) of Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization. To download the article, click here: Removing a Roadblock to Development: Transparency International Mobilizes Coalitions Against Corruption. Find Dr. Auerswald's thoughts and ideas on his blog The Coming Prosperity. Thank You. Please leave feedback.