Saturday, December 10, 2011

{1st} #SEADTalk

Saturday, December 10th, 2011 - {1st} #SEADTalk
#SEADTalk: The Ongoing Discussion on African Social Enterprise

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2 Hours | 2 Topics
Topic 1: What is African Social Enterprise?
Defining social enterprise in the African context, and in the global context. What is it? Come prepared to share your opinions. Different entities and individuals have varying opinions on the topic. Lets try to cover the different viewpoints to broaden our perspective of how social enterprise is defined, particularly among Africans.

Topic 2: Praiseworthy Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in Africa
Lets discuss those institutions and persons that are making a difference in the world of African social enterprise. Share videos, photos, audio clips, and articles to illustrate the stories of social enterprises and entrepreneurs all across the African continent. Lets have fun with this and try to cover as many people and places as possible.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

#SEADTalk: Tweetscussion on African Social Enterprise

SEADiaspora is proud to announce #SEADTalk
The Ongoing Discussion on Social Enterprise in Africa

The goal is to unite Africans of all backgrounds (academia, civil society, the private and public sectors) to reflect and share thoughts on the role that social enterprise will play in the development of Africa. The discussions will take place on twitter every Saturday, lasting 2 hours and covering 2 topics. Each week, the topics of discussion will be announced on here on SEADiaspora, and on our facebook page, as well as our twitter.

The following is the flyer with the details for #SEADTalk. We invite you to join the discussion, and to share the flyer with your friends, mailing lists, colleagues... all those who are committed to Africa's progress and are open to exploring different ways to attain it. To join the discussion, follow @SEADiaspora and tweet with the hashtag #SEADTalk. We'll be waiting for everyone's wonderful contributions.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Social Enterprise: a Tool for Community Development

Here is a brief discussion on Social Enterprise as a tool for Community Development. Economic development and community development are interrelated, and social enterprise can provide a middle ground for business, academia, and policy to meet and marry their efforts. This is especially relevant in the African context, as the continent seeks for new ways to strengthen its economies while meeting its social objectives. It would be appropriate for Africans from all walks of life to become more informed about social enterprise, its potential as a tool for community development, and the ways in which each vocation can contribute to the movement.